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My tryst with wordsmithing

Charts to hearts

“Never thought that a non-living virus
would take away the care and loving
Never imagined that an invisible savage
could cause such collateral damage
Never fanthomed the great migration
would occur due to extreme frustration”

My feeling that “It is not just money in trillions, it is about feeling for the minions”, expressed in the creative “Charts to Hearts”.

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Jai Hind

Galvanising the nation’s collective to do a task is hard. To be able to accomplish this is brilliant. Outcomes happen only when the true spirit is understood and done with intent. When the intent is a bit ethereal, it is hard for general intelligentsia to grasp it. Sadly it is gets misinterpreted and action messed up. Simple intent, simple actions with clear outcome may help. Dear God, help us act sensibly and stay true to the spirit of the leadership. My feelings versed in “Jai Hind”.

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I interrupt the #Covid19 pandemic to bring you what just happened to me at Coles. I went to Coles to buy a bag of food for our dog as we were nearly out. I am in line for self checkout, when a woman behind me asks if I have a dog. “No “I said, adding “This is for my weight loss program”. Very curious she wanted to know more. Here it as “Biscuit”.

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