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On #meToo

Could not resist my creative urge in combining the recent happenings on meToo, Swamiji and temple controversy to come with with four #microStories. Disclaimer : This is just a creative exposition and is not meant to malign people, beliefs or belittle the seriousness of these. — (1) A bull asked a cow “What milk do you produce?” “A2 she said.” Her friend standing nearby chipped in and said meToo. The bull ran away. —— (2)…

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The daily performance

The yellow light of street lamp filtered through the branches of the grand old tree. It painted a carpet on the street with lovely black and white reticulated rangoli. The continuous hum of insects from all directions with the grand canopy covering the entire street corner made it look like a theatre stage all set for another evening performance. The leaves nodded to the gentle breeze, birds perked up and fluttered their wings, squirrels raced…

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Does he miss him?

In his eighties still very active in a shrivelled frame, he was in the temple serving the devotees. Sunken eyes that are bright, lean frame still agile with tennis, sharp mind reciting stotras from memory, he lit up when he saw me. A family friend of many decades and meeting after nearly a year, we enquired eagerly about each other’s families. His son was about the same age as me, another engineer who went to…

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Breakfast musings

Hmmm, a bread, butter and jam morning can be interesting too… #1: Honey “Honey, I love the way you caress me” said the buttered toast #2: Jam “Oh dear,  what a jam we have gotten into” said the jelly,  after it spread over the warm buttered toast #3: Toast They were made for each other ; the butter melted and became one with the warm toast.

On Deepavali

Some hot ones on Deepavali! #1 He was sitting quietly. I  touched him gently and he just took off in a tearing hurry. Well it is the rocket firecracker set on fire ! #2 I caressed him lovingly. He unzipped sparkling all the way thorough. #3 He sat on the ledge and did golden showers. They cheered as he emptied. … What did you think of ? This is just  the ‘flower pot’ firecracker set…

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Handsome trigonometry

She leaned forward and whispered: “Come on, lie down on me, let us commit the sin He said “Wait a sec,  I see the one with the tan is interested too” They extended the cot and cosec-d (cosied) up, a love triangle All ‘cos of Handsome Trigonometry Note: Imagination ran riot when sin, cos, tan, cot, cosec came together, a trigonometry it was! (sin = opposite/hypotenuse | sec = hypotenuse/adjacent | tan=sin/cos & cosec is…

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