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Raise your QAnsciousness

“Testing effortlessly happens with the confluence of brilliant thinking, staying in the present, immersed and observant, being disciplined and ad-hoc, focussed yet curious thinking negatively but outcome oriented being empathetic and technically savvy and enjoying the act. It is being ‘QAnscious’. A mindset that is the result of deep thinking to do less and accomplish more, to pre-empt than just detect. Beyond process and tools but exploiting technology smartly. This eBook Raise your QAnsciousness is…

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Musings over Tea Time

A delightful interaction with Lalit three years ago gave birth to a column titled T-Talks in the new eZine Tea-time with Testers. And it has been a wonderful journey, to come up with something interesting every month. To celebrate the occasion of “Tea-time with Testers” crossing the 1000 day mark, I published this anthology containing some of my articles as “Musings over Tea-time”. It has been a journey of thinking, observing, reflecting, being inspired from the…

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