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Cute micro stories, dessert for your mind!

On #meToo

Could not resist my creative urge in combining the recent happenings on meToo, Swamiji and temple controversy to come with with four #microStories. Disclaimer : This is just a creative exposition and is not meant to malign people, beliefs or belittle the seriousness of these. — (1) A bull asked a cow “What milk do you produce?” “A2 she said.” Her friend standing nearby chipped in and said meToo. The bull ran away. —— (2)…

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Breakfast musings

Hmmm, a bread, butter and jam morning can be interesting too… #1: Honey “Honey, I love the way you caress me” said the buttered toast #2: Jam “Oh dear,  what a jam we have gotten into” said the jelly,  after it spread over the warm buttered toast #3: Toast They were made for each other ; the butter melted and became one with the warm toast.

On Deepavali

Some hot ones on Deepavali! #1 He was sitting quietly. I  touched him gently and he just took off in a tearing hurry. Well it is the rocket firecracker set on fire ! #2 I caressed him lovingly. He unzipped sparkling all the way thorough. #3 He sat on the ledge and did golden showers. They cheered as he emptied. … What did you think of ? This is just  the ‘flower pot’ firecracker set…

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Handsome trigonometry

She leaned forward and whispered: “Come on, lie down on me, let us commit the sin He said “Wait a sec,  I see the one with the tan is interested too” They extended the cot and cosec-d (cosied) up, a love triangle All ‘cos of Handsome Trigonometry Note: Imagination ran riot when sin, cos, tan, cot, cosec came together, a trigonometry it was! (sin = opposite/hypotenuse | sec = hypotenuse/adjacent | tan=sin/cos & cosec is…

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