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The daily performance

The yellow light of street lamp filtered through the branches of the grand old tree. It painted a carpet on the street with lovely black and white reticulated rangoli. The continuous hum of insects from all directions with the grand canopy covering the entire street corner made it look like a theatre stage all set for another evening performance. The leaves nodded to the gentle breeze, birds perked up and fluttered their wings, squirrels raced…

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Does he miss him?

In his eighties still very active in a shrivelled frame, he was in the temple serving the devotees. Sunken eyes that are bright, lean frame still agile with tennis, sharp mind reciting stotras from memory, he lit up when he saw me. A family friend of many decades and meeting after nearly a year, we enquired eagerly about each other’s families. His son was about the same age as me, another engineer who went to…

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Peace anywhere

People meditate, sing, go to temple, run, cycle to find peace. Well you can find peace anywhere. It is not the environment, it is about you. Here are three stories that illustrate this. Story #1 Near my house, there are lots of construction workers, as the road is being widened. A little baby is sleeping peacefully inside the hammock made out of the saree tied to the tree branch. The gentle wind, warm sunshine caresses…

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