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My tryst with wordsmithing

Now & Then

As I hurtle through life , I suddenly feel a distinct shift of times. Forward we would to say and believe, it feels retrograde to me. Powered by tech, fuelled by greed, mangled by past, confused by modernism, it just seems less human. Am I becoming old & senile? Maybe.  My creative take on this as “Now & Then”, a reaction to the news, views, behaviours, reactions that pounds us daily. 

Charts to hearts

“Never thought that a non-living virus
would take away the care and loving
Never imagined that an invisible savage
could cause such collateral damage
Never fanthomed the great migration
would occur due to extreme frustration”

My feeling that “It is not just money in trillions, it is about feeling for the minions”, expressed in the creative “Charts to Hearts”.

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