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Work from home

My friend’s wife came back from a trip to Italy recently. My dear friend decided to spend time with her at home the whole of next week. Oh, what a lovely couple I thought, when he said “Dai, Coronavirus advisory suggests all who came in contact with travellers from certain countries to stay put at home.”

Protecting nation from Covid-19, what a sacrifice man, salute you!
Wish I could give you sillycon protection for WFH(work from home) 🙂

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Naavu yella hingey ri

Working day and night my road was completely spruced up thanks to PM visiting a defence establishment near by. A cement road it was, laid so brilliantly that riding on it would loosen all joints, was tarred! A machine swept the road too and suddenly the road became bright as it was lit up. Given to understand that it was using defence budget, that is why it is on war footing! Just like how a…

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A video on solar eclipse said one has to use special protective glasses for eye  to watch the eclipse. To take pic using a mobile phone, cover the lens with glass film too it said. He had one only glass, so he used it for the mobile. Bahala, costly mobile saar, sillycon! #sillyconCity(176)Seeded by your post on the video on solar eclipse Sridhar Pabbisetty