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“Ella Aaramaa”

The comment of Rajani Kanth in my last poem (Java, Caava  & Cloud) “The last 4 lines is the real reason why the infrastructure collapsed. This city was never ready for so many,  and the roads were never ready for their bikes/cars”  tickled my muse. “Ella Aaramaa” in Kannada means  “All ok?”, typically used as a greeting when we meet someone.

Bangalore is sexy

A creative about Bangalore as a poem “Bangalore is sexy“ Bangalore is sexy Bangalore is sexySingle with lot of drive Then traffic jam is a big orgy Bangalore is sexyCouple working in shiftsContinue your work at home Bangalore is sexyIrrespective of who you areIt is now wet everywhere Bangalore is sexyIt is all about holesManholes, Potholes and Assholes

Freedom – ‘Solpa adjust maadi

The six basic freedoms guaranteed under the Indian constitution’s  Article 19 are : to freedom of speech and expression; to assemble peaceably and without arms; to form associations or unions or cooperative societies to move freely throughout the territory of India; to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India; to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. On the 70th  Independence Day of India, here is…

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Oh, I miss the…

Riding the peaceful countryside of UK, I seemed to miss the chaos of Bangalore traffic. Written at Harlow, UK. Oh, I miss the honk Oh, I miss the jam Oh, I miss the chaos Oh, I miss the potholes Oh, I miss the dust Oh, I miss the jaywalkers Oh, I miss the humps Oh, I miss the kisses Oh, I miss the near-misses Oh, I miss the … Dear BLR traffic