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Summer love

Today I went to register and collect the jersey/brevet card for LEL. Whilst riding though the open countryside, It was lovely and I had to stop and write the seeds of this poem below. Written at Harlow, UK. Airplanes draw lines in the sky Wooing the gentle cottony clouds Whilst the sun gently basks behind And the blue sky plays Cupid The lines curve to form the heart ”Tis the season of Summer Warmth and…

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Riding in the English countryside

Oh, I loved riding the cycle in the English countryside on the second day after landing in UK. Written in Harlow, UK. Eyes flitting Between cue sheet and road Scenery quickly twitting On both sides, very broad Only befitting For the cyclist, rhythm flowed Chilly winds blow Sunlight, a mild glow Horses majestically tip-toe Life in the countryside slow Oh the joy of cycling In the English countryside.

PBP Experience #3

The quiet slow ride on Day 3, enjoying the wonderful French country side. Expansive fields between picturesque villages, lovely houses, families sitting on their manicured lawn eating a leisurely breakfast. The sun gently warms up the fields, slowing down time, relaxing you completely, the legs gracefully circling to move the cycle gently on the smooth French roads. Fantastic Armin van Burren music fills the ears, and the loud humming spreads the happiness to the countryside….

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