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What is the emotion  to be scared about? Utter sadness? Intense happiness? Extreme anger? My creative take on this.  What is the emotion to be scared about? utter sadness? intense happiness? extreme anger? No, tis emptiness The void inside Pure silence inside Despite chirpy buzz outside being absolutely indifferent no feelings no hatred no love no expectations no purpose no meaning nothing to live for Alone, Bored, Closed, Dull EMPTY Frustrated, Gloomy, Hapless I-don’t-care Just…

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Ride to heaven

A friend of mine passed away in a cycling accident in the mountains with the family in the car behind witnessing this. A beautiful dawn unfolds in the hills Weather so cool soothing the head Sun very gentle warming the heart Air mildly misty caressing the body Just right for a morning ride Off I went clad in Lycra Up the inclines across the bends Rhythmic rotations Wispy exhales Gentle breeze Swaying tree Mind free…

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Sticky times

When too many issues pound in your head, how do you feel? A creative on this as “Sticky times”. Too many issues clog my head each a tiny sticky thread. Encircling my brain the fuzzball crushes, a serious energy drain putting me to sleep. It is no escape as bad dreams rage, only to be awakened back in the locked cage. Moments of despair dispelled by hope See the bright star yonder is how I…

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Wandered into lust

Inspired by a real life incident a few days ago. See part of contest prompted by a picture—30-words-or-less. Poem to be 30 words or less. Bonded by passion of bikes and wanderlust,Their spouses mistook It was lust that made them wander. He was shotAnd she took her heart out,Bonding forever passionately. (29 words)

The beautiful wooden girl

(January 2, 2017) Author notes Pained by young girls waiting on shady sections of highways for customers. Sitting on the edge of the bed On a very chilly morning Many men over the night fed The young woman was groaning. Pain it was From all the boning and fake moaning More in her heart that her body. Astute she was But the bloody poverty Turned her into a prostitute Using her body as property Discarded…

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