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Once upon a time we lived in the open with the largest dangerous animals, moving around, hunting them, starkly in contrast to today. Now, to protect ourselves from a tiny invisible virus we stay inside and fight with a needle, travel and movement shunned. Tech has grown immensely that it seems to the ‘only’ company to a human now. So, how do we free ourselves? Read this creative “Nomad”.

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Strange life we live today, absolutely in control with tech in our hands we think, but reverse it is really. Earlier with wrist watch we thought time was on our hands, but a hand cuff it turned out to be. Tech that is close to us is so very powerful that it takes over, while making us live with the illusion that we are in control. This conundrum versed as “Today” highlights this.

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Invasion of binary V (Freedom, my foot)

Are we free? Is freedom in our hands at all? While ruminating on freedom while enjoying a morning walk on India’s Independence day, I noticed people glued to their smart phone unmindful of anyone. They were absolutely free of any human distractions floating gently in tapestry of gazillon bits in an alter-world, absolutely free.
Titled “Freedom, my foot”, this is the fifth in the series “Invasion of binary”.

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