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Creative congestion

A creative on what happens when you are filed with enormous creativity suddenly. Pen in the handPaper on the tableI sit down to thinkWith a cup of hot coffee After I sip slowlyMind switches on suddenlySpinning like a centrifugeChurning out ideas Where do I startWhen do I endWhich do I recordEach one so colourfulEach one so interesting They move so fastLike a shooting starLeaving a trail of smokeThe smell so sweetMakes me faintLulling me to…

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The gush

My feelings during the run today morning. Lovely run today morning Perfect that I was longing That it would never stop With mood right on top. And it then happened- Words emanating from the mind Like tiny snakes slithering Wrapping, cuddling, caressing you Words connect forming phrases The tiny creatures merging Slowly tightening the embrace Forcing the legs to stop And poetry gushes from the head.