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Now & Then

As I hurtle through life , I suddenly feel a distinct shift of times. Forward we would to say and believe, it feels retrograde to me. Powered by tech, fuelled by greed, mangled by past, confused by modernism, it just seems less human. Am I becoming old & senile? Maybe.  My creative take on this as “Now & Then”, a reaction to the news, views, behaviours, reactions that pounds us daily. 

So what?

Most often when life beats us with a big stick, the normal question is “Why me?”. We whine, mope and then take actions to get over it suffering through the way. What if you changed the question to “So what?”. Well, my uncle said that in difficult times, this is the question he asks, and then happily solves the issue.

So my friend,
when you are out and down, in despair,
just ask the simple question, to repair,
“So what?”.

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Count life years backwards

All of us especially in Bangalore get frustrated by the garbage in the neighbourhood. Today morning during the morning walk, me and my good friend Hari were chatting on this and our helplessness in solving this. He said it is not worth getting frustrated about this, to which I agreed and stated that we are  “counting life backwards”. Here is the creative spin on the garbage issue and staying positive as “Count life years backwards”….

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Your choice

During the stadium run, when I was walking with Rocky Vikram, he said this has been a bad experience for him, as he was suffering from injury that was making it very hard to walk let alone run. That is when I said “there is no bad or good, it is how you choose to make it, after all no one asked us to run like a zombie in the stadium”.  Here it is expressed creatively…

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Thank you God for little things

Have you observed the little things every day that you encounter especially when you walk? Have you felt how these little things seem to go all the way to make you calm and happy? It is little things that I observe in my walking, cycling & running that lighten my heart, connect me with the cosmos, gently pauses everything to let my silent creative centre blossom. My experience today as I walked my dog tonight…

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