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Life philosophy

Driving home from work is akin to experiencing life. The hard labour of push to get past the first signal, then a happy jostle like a kid with a bit of rough and tumble over the flyover. Then like a teenager, I squeeze thro’ a narrow stretch with many vehicles attempting to go forward in the moving jam, before I hit the wide roads, speedy and breezy like mid 30s. A botched up traffic signal…

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Found & Lost

An Australian lady impressed by honest auto driver’s work gifted him a 1.6Cr villa and IT raided his house. (*) A few thousand promised high returns by a company lost ~1200Cr and owner absconded from the company. Dharma and Karma in sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#141) (*)

Billboard pollution

Cubbon park is a brilliant oasis of nature amidst the noisy and noxious urban central business district. On Sunday mornings it is just lovely, bustling with walkers, bicyclists, skaters, photographers, dog walkers, bird feeders etc.. young and old enjoying the lovely nature away from the digital tether.  Now the authorities decided that this was too much and installed large digital screens all over the  park to beam images of nature and advertisements. The transformation from…

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I am outta the city

My good friend took early retirement and moved to a place near a hill station. Every morning as I am busy getting to work, he posts me pictures of his morning jaunts – beautiful streams, lovely forest greenery and majestic mountains. Unable to able do anything, stuck in a gridlock breathing noxious air, I  post him pictures of traffic jams, garbage mounds and videos of honking vehicles.  Instagram life in sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#138)