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Creative take on statistics

When happens when you give personalities to statistical terms? Three cute micro stories. Enjoy! #1 It was very mean of statistics to divide the population and create sigma, a deviant from the standard. #2 Sigma took the median path despite mode being very mean to him.  He said “Stay normal, some population are skewed”. #3 Sigma deviated  and crashed into the median when the intelligent autonomous mode turned mean.

sexy geometry

Personalisation of mathematics. the square wooed the circle and said sweetie pi he hugged her circumference and she sized him up full length and breadth suddenly she went off tangent direct for his median on pie-r 2 they lay exposing ‘lb’s of flesh two lines met at a corner and committed a sin two other lines slept on a cot very very cosh one of them with both in this serious love triangle cone met…

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