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[it is urgent] continues..

Jaya Ramamurthi commented on the [it is urgent] poem “Looking at the picture in the papers the minister must have thought What’s this big fuss? After all a simple piss…” The muse woke up and penned this: Enjoy! (Sorry if it is tad adult) No fuss he thought it is after all pretty wuss Until the click turned to be the pick Whoever thought that a prick could be so marketed so slick Media may…

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it was urgent

Inspired by the news item of an Indian minister urinating in public mocking SwachhBharat, a national initiative for Clean India It was urgent It had to be now I was hell bent On doing it now Unzipped my vent All set now On the wall, I sent A warm steady flow Security guards with guns Protecting my rear buns I held firmly It gushed warmly Aah the bliss A simple piss

A date with the government

In response to Arun Khannur comment on “My date” – [Wish you will have many more opportunities in near future for similar datings !! ] a date with the government is a covenant that seals your fate a sure mandate for serious ailment so you prostrate for their amusement they interrogate in severe tone astringent time to donate to their kitty they augment else I will castrate and send you to retirement don’t frustrate and take…

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The (sitting)running judge

Recently in India, a sitting judge was issued an arrest warrant for contempt of court by the highest court resulting in a nasty public spat that was lapped up the media. To escape arrest, he went incognito  only to be arrested today (June 21, 2017).  Note that this is a light hearted banter on this incident and not to be viewed as critical analysis.  (Acche Din means “Good days in Hindi)

on GST

A friend of mine posted on FB about GST: India will become the first country to implement a law where: Rules are not ready Softwares are not ready Businessmen are not ready Professionals are not ready Govt systems are not ready Forms are not ready It happens only in India. Inspired by this is a limerick on GST. (Acche Din means “Happy Days” in Hindi)

No cash

ATMs nowadays (post demonetisation in India) are more dry than full. Getting your money from the bank is becoming a serious challenge. “The (cash) withdrawal symptoms post demonetisation are terrible.” This is a rant on this, as a limerick.(Acche Din means ‘Good days’ in Hindi) I rant and ventbut the ATM does not vend.My cash is lentto defaulters who not mend. So, when I want my moneyit says “Sorry honey”.Certainly it ain’t funny,wait till I…

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Peacock and tears

Recently a judge in Indian high court comments to media reporters: “The peacock is a lifelong celibate. It does not have sex with peahen. The peahen gives birth after it gets impregnated with the tears of the peacock. A peacock or a peahen is then born.” And I thought I knew biology! Inspired by the new age biology, here is my twist on this! The esteemed judge said: Peacock uses it only to pee. Curious…

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Brief about beef

Recently in an esteemed educational institution in India, a beef party (eating beef) was held that turned into a fisticuff between students due to violation of  religious sentiments, this was politicised and sensationalised by the media. This created a furore requiring the director of institution to step up and contain the situation. Here is is a limerick on this, as a statement from the director of the esteemed institution, purely is figment of my imagination,…

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This is a Fibonacci poem. Inspired by a real incident that has occurred in my country where a well known businessman took flight. Well I don’t think the first four lines apply to that businessman 🙂 I am troubled by debts doubled caused by expenses that trebled. It is time to run away from banks Take the first flight out to another country before they bare their fangs.

Cupid’s swirl

Inspired by a real life elopement causing a rift in the family Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl Her eyes enclosing a shiny black pearl Long golden tresses in a wonderful swirl Her father doted on her dearly Cute eyelashes look longingly And her whims satisfied instantly Time passed, and a beautiful woman she became Into her life, a handsome man came The black pearl setting his heart aflame But her father…

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