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Queen Anchetty

The ride to Anchetty is special, a 200km ride conceived by erstwhile IISc Randonneurs and nurtured by Bangalore Randonneurs, a signature brevet with a unique local medal. Every time I ride this, it is special and poetry happens.
The fifth on Anchetty titled “Queen of Anchetty” is inspired by curves and climbs of terrain as damsels and strong men who welcome you to their valley, a peaceful abode where the beautiful queen lives.

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Pi- A tale of love

Can you connect science and love ? Well yes, if you make poetry. Isn’t a fraction after all a lover’s pose? Here is a creative that views Pi as lovers deeply bonded, generating numbers or expressed as infinite series.
Note :
Pi = 2 * 11/7 (11 & 7 are prime numbers)
Pi is known to be transcendental, i.e not algebraic and so cannot be a quadratic irrational.

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