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A pi-em

When Ides of March(3.15) happened, a friend of mine set me up to create a pi-poem. It was as to create a poem with length of each word to be a digit of pi. After many frustrating attempts I modified it with length of a line(instead of word) to a digit of pi. Here is the creative as “A pi-em”, consisting of 11 lines that represents pi to 10 digits i.e 3.14159 26535 .
=> 1st line = 3 words, 2nd line=1 word, 3rd line=4 words and so on.!

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Bless us all

Isn’t it amazing that the earth just goes about the job quietly of revolving around the sun a whopping distance of 940 million kms every year? A joy it is to pause and ponder, the amazing cosmic wonder and celebrate as it commences another revolution around the sun. A creative on the occasion of ‘Happy new year’ as “Bless us all”.


Yesterday my good friend shared his wonderful experience of spending ten days in absolute silence and quiet as part of Vipassana meditation course. The result – Calm and loving, Observing not reacting,  Alert & expansive, his life has reached a new high. While cycling back home from work today evening, the cacophony of honking triggered my  muse. It mixed yesterday’s conversation along with today’s poem ‘The bottle’  to come up with ‘Cask’, personifying Whisky.

Orange Soda

Sai Nellore in his comment on my previous poem “Luva” suggested <Next you can think of some orange Fanta-like drink from “Lavazza”. But how can you make it “hot”?> and provoked the muse. Here is the response as another one “Orange Soda”. Thank you Sai. If you want to read “male version” of this read the next poem post “Goli Soda”.