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My good friend Rajiv who has a lovely Cocker Spaniel befriended a stray and it came to live in his open portico. He named her Honey and whenever we met during our dog walks, she was always prancing away to glory, full of life and zest. One fine day she suddenly left, to heaven. Here is my creative on her as “Honey”.

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Show dog

A young Doberman walked by his master had his both ears fully plastered. When I asked as to what the issue was he said  “He is a show dog, to ensure he can win the dog shows, surgery has been done to keep his ears perked up”. He continued that this is how the breeder gave him. Damn the consumerism that breeds dog cruelty in sillycon city.  #sillyconCity (#127)

Happy dogs

Near my house is a 3-legged Huskie dog, a handsome happy fellow. When the master was walking the dog, I asked him how he lost one of his front legs. He said he ran away into the main road when the gate was accidentally left open and was hit by a motor vehicle.  He rushed him a doctor and had to amputate his leg. Now he has another dog for company and both of are…

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He saw the cute and cuddly St Bernard pup. He swiped the card and bought the fellow home. It was great fun for the next few weeks. After a couple of months when St Bernard outgrew the house, the master was at his wits end. He bundled the dog into his car, drove to the edge of the city and dumped him. Just another senseless idiot in the sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#37)


While driving back from Auroville after after marathon on Sunday, the conversation on pets veered onto abandonment of dogs. Big breed dogs after being exploited for breeding are abandoned by some breeders once they are spent. They are discarded far away from their neighbourhood, sometimes in a forest so that they never find their way back. Also puppies of big breed given as gifts are also abandoned once it becomes full size, as it has…

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