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Poda, onnoda doo

When we were young and fell out with a friend we used to say in Tamil “Poda, onnoda Doo. Pesamattain. Nee en friend illai” meaning “Go man, you are not my friend anymore. Will not talk to you” and a day later, it would be forgotten! namma sillyconCity politicians are like children. Friends before election, ‘Doo after’, again friends before by-election! Cho sweet no !:-)   #sillyconCity (168)


As a young boy at school he was very happy when some famous person died, as the school declared holiday. Now as an adult, when he went his office (legislative assembly), his leader said we are all going for a picnic to resort.  Don’t you love sillycon city, where childhood is never lost? #sillyconCity (#152)