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Micro ‘kere’

In this age of extreme personalisation, our corporation is making personal lakes by an ingenious combination of existing roads that form craters and new roads made with special dips. These are called ‘micro kere’. When it rains, you get your personal lakes close to the place where you live.  Vive la ‘micro kere’ in namma sillyconCIty . #sillyconCity (#158)‘kere’ means lake in Kannada.

Rainy season

The weather of namma Bengaluru is brilliantly suited for long distance running training. The rolling terrain and climbs of namma Bengaluru outskirts is great for cycling training. In the rainy season, namma Bengaluru also offers great open water swim training on the roads.  See, triathlon training is sorted out here. Just get a mouth mask in addition to a face mask and you are good to go. Training the sillycon way. #sillyconCity (#114)

blissful chaos

The evening rain converted the Bangalore roads into a mushy trail. After a long day, I decided to lie down quietly in the rear seat of the van.  It turned to be a brilliant treat to all my senses, the constant jangle due to potholes hidden by rain massaging me, the glorious honking energising my ears, streaks of bright light from powerful hi-beam stimulating my eyes, the strong burst of wafting smells from an overflowing…

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Rains of late especially in Chennai and Bangalore have been worrisome. But wait a minute, we all enjoyed the rains cities became it became a concrete jungle. Here is a poem that captures the beauty of rain.  Well, tis the season of rain in Chennai.  Pradeep Chandar requested that I write a poem on Rain. So here it is dear Pradeep, a special one for you. Hope you enjoy the poem and the rains.