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Realisation VII – Fear

Fear is an amazing emotion, it helps us survive or get sucked into an abyss. When you encounter a fearful situation, our survival instincts kick in rescue mode. What happens if fear quietly settles into you? Post a violent kiss with a road hump, the body became stiff and resisted doing some actions, plain scared. The next few months was beautiful, as the dark fear slowly became transparent. Versed as “Fear”, this is the seventh on the theme of “Realisation”.

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Realisation VI – Accept

To accept, to just observe, to not be affected is the greatest gift. Many a times I have been blessed to be in this state especially during long rides and runs. When I meditated, it stayed longer. Two years my bosom buddy, the cycle, decided to gift me this blessing so that it is more permanent. My take on this versed as “Accept”, the sixth on the theme of “Realisation”.

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