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Jai Hind

Galvanising the nation’s collective to do a task is hard. To be able to accomplish this is brilliant. Outcomes happen only when the true spirit is understood and done with intent. When the intent is a bit ethereal, it is hard for general intelligentsia to grasp it. Sadly it is gets misinterpreted and action messed up. Simple intent, simple actions with clear outcome may help. Dear God, help us act sensibly and stay true to the spirit of the leadership. My feelings versed in “Jai Hind”.

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Go, Corona, go

A tiny invisible fellow from the east burst into the scene and out went protests and polemics. Now everyone is sitting at home busily engaged in studying at whatapp university, devouring news, some working at home, some busy suggesting traditional medicines and interesting animal concoctions that they have never tried to others. Washing hands frequently, and wishing Covid19 does not find them, they post away to glory.

Meanwhile an union minister went to the Gateway of India and chanted ‘Go corona go’ gently. Damn, until then I never knew that Covid19 understood English! Here is a creative one this as “Go Corona, go”.

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The wall

We welcome a head of state by building a wall and present him with Gandhiji’s ‘Three monkeys’, in the abode of peace ‘Sabarmati ashram’.

Is this a reflection of the wall we have built between ourselves and be numbed into a state of being blind, deaf and mute? Here is a creative to symbolise the state of affairs today as “The wall”.

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Respect and tolerance

Disturbed by the rising crescendo of jingoism that becomes shrill during testing national times, troubled by the extreme intolerance to anything that seems to be becoming common place, saddened by the casually flouting of law like the callous attitude to simple road rules, here is my creative take as “Respect and tolerance” Note: I stay far away from politics and news and do not respond to anything political, but love to read and respond  on…

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