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Bits in the cloud- The new social

A creative on social networks.The social A-Z (partial) –, BuzzFeed, delicious, digg, Facebook, flickr, Foursquare, happn Hootsuite, Jive, Line,LinkedIn,Pinterest,scribd, SlideShare, Smule, Snapseed, Strava, Tinder, Twitter,Tumblr, Quora, yelp, Zynga.(dost = friend in Hindi, line maro =‘hit-at’ in Hindi) Post the cool morning runSelfies with the glorious sunPepper the snaps with lovely seedsReady instantly these little gramsIn a ‘gif’fy a photo frame with beads Onto the book all these faces I postAnd wait for likes from…

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Shots and Pot shots

Watching a war of words over a FB post on vaccinations between my good friend and others on FaceBook, I could not resist sharing the as a fun poem. I took the shot A serious nano bot It waits for the yellow and shoots every fellow Lifelong I am green Protected by the vac screen No more reds No hospital beds. My good friend does not trust the meds Collects evidence against like the Feds…

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