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Now & Then

As I hurtle through life , I suddenly feel a distinct shift of times. Forward we would to say and believe, it feels retrograde to me. Powered by tech, fuelled by greed, mangled by past, confused by modernism, it just seems less human. Am I becoming old & senile? Maybe.  My creative take on this as “Now & Then”, a reaction to the news, views, behaviours, reactions that pounds us daily. 


During my bicycle night rides as part of training, I see transgenders on the highway beckoning drivers. Every time I see them, despite a moment of titillation, I feel a deep pang for them. Shunned, discarded, they seem to live for others. Here is my creative take on this titled “Ardhanareeshwara”. I commenced this poem a few weeks ago, the muse took a long break, waking up yesterday night. Details on Ardhanareeshwara at