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In a consumer court hearing… The petitioner said “Milord, I am running around in circles to get them to fix the bug, but to no avail” The respondent said “Milord, I have been fair and square when I told him to the point, that it is a new feature” Now they called in the tester as a witness who poetically said: Twas a bug that I found “Ain’t so big”, they said and they added…..

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News report on testing

A creative take on how news about a software system crash would be in reported today! White assaults Black, system crashes Testland/July 5, 2017, T Ashok In Gray’s SaasFactory at Testland, during the nightly build, Miss Black was brutally assaulted by an intruder. The intruder identified as Mr White, after injecting a bug was covering up his paths on his way out when Black blocked his path and raised an exception. White in retaliation, took…

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