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Roti,kapda, makhan was the slogan of grand old party in 70-80s. The salubrious city of Bangalore then transformed into a technology hub with PSUs like HAL,BEL,HMT, ISRO and Roti,kapda & makhan happened.  In the 90s when we made forays into software, the Founding President of NASSCOM Dewang Mehta added “bandwidth” to the slogan. The pensioner’s paradise became Silicon City. More roti, kapda and makhan happened. When bandwidth became seriously fast and huge, we transformed to…

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Dug up

Know why namma roads are always dug up for installing new fibre cables? Because we are a sillyconCity, where data rules. It is all about ensuring smooth flow of data below. After all, to know where all you will be stuck, you need the fast connection nah. ‘Connecting people’ in sillyconCity. #sillyconCity (#162)

Barber appointment

The world’s smartest company demoed showed its voice recognition and AI system with the person asking the system to setup a hair-cut appointment with the barber. The system understood the command, made the call and set up the appointment. The tech people in namma sillycon city went gaga. But seriously, an appointment with a barber to show off your smartness ?  The techies of sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#96)