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As I cycled, a helmet less scooterist waded in and I shouted, alerting a posse of policeman ahead. The scooterist saw the policeman and slinked behind a vehicle to don his helmet. The policeman briskly walked forward to catch the fellow hiding behind the car. Enjoy the sillyconCity traffic scenes always streaming on a road near you. #sillyconCity (#160)

Life philosophy

Driving home from work is akin to experiencing life. The hard labour of push to get past the first signal, then a happy jostle like a kid with a bit of rough and tumble over the flyover. Then like a teenager, I squeeze thro’ a narrow stretch with many vehicles attempting to go forward in the moving jam, before I hit the wide roads, speedy and breezy like mid 30s. A botched up traffic signal…

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Stop anywhere

The gentleman in the cement truck slowed and stopped in the middle of road, took out his mobile phone and called the customer for directions. Another gentleman sped away on his bike at the red stop light only to stop and pay his obeisance to the statue of God on the roadside.   They were very mindful of the traffic jam they caused, well they just observed without any reaction. Amazing people on the roads…

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Endurance training

namma Bengaluru is a fantastic place for endurance training. The traffic ensures long times to be logged, the bone-ratting surface strengthens joints, jams help you generate high power, crossing the road makes you agile, honks zone you and gets you into the empty zone, high pollution ensures you are training with low oxygen(kinda like high altitude training), the continuous dodging of anyone coming opposite you ensures making navigation skill a habit.  Training the sillycon way….

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