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“With confirmation of lockdown extending beyond Apr 14, areas will be tagged Red, Yellow and Green to gear up for seal down” – From today’s news on BLR.

Idhnu yenu Saar? Idhu Covid19-gey, namegella ri.
Naanu traffic light time waste madella, adhekay kelidhen.
(Hey, what is this? This is for Covid19, not for us. I don’t waste time at traffic light, hence asked). sillyconCity conversations.

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Solpa smile maadi

Amidst horrible honking, and continual tauntingDutifully he stands, controlling traffic with handsAn arduous task, the full face covered by maskBraving dust and grime, and doing extended time He is the traffic police, a harbinger of road peace“Nodi Saar, I am fighting a daily warSolpa smile would go a long mile” Life amidst traffic in #sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#101)