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The magic of trail ultra

The weekend before last is when I did my 100KM run at Hennur Bamboo Ultra. Keen on experimenting with the idea that I should be able to get up and run this distance, I did low mileage training with just one run of 43KM a week before the ultra. And it did work. As usual the magic of Hennur trail happened in the cool night. With Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance 2019” music belting in my ears, I was in a flow doing a fast paced non-stop walk (~8:30 pace) of 22KMs.

Long trail runs are magical and here it is as “The magic of trail ultra”.

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Auroville 2015 – A dream debut FM

Friday night: The dream… As I went to bed on Friday, all I thought about was my first FM (Full Marathon) the coming Sunday at Auroville. Despite a few FM distance practice runs to understand if I could really do it, the mind was filled with trepidation. I was keen to finish strong, finish in less than FIVE hours and get back to normal cycle rides the next day. I wanted no blisters, stiff muscles…

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Auroville HM 2014

Auroville Marathon tag line is “Run for the joy of running”. And this is what I did today. And naturally achieved my new personal best today – HM in 1:51 @5:15 pace.  A wave start for HM, and I  started with the first wave at 6:15.  The Sun was peeking lazily, countdown started and we were off at the exact time. A sea of runners on the cemented path,  I slowly and steadily moved to…

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