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A tribute – “A shaft of light”

Have you ever thought that it is a blessing to see the morning sun streaming through the leaves? Have you wondered who had to go into the sunset for ensuring this for us?

Near my house is a park named after Major Sylvester Rakesh Ratnam, a resident of my area who was martyred in Operation Parakram in 2002. When I walk in this small park and see the beautiful shaft of light in the morning, with the bust of his in the centre of park, I can only think of how the young lad walked into the sunset to ensure that we citizens see the daylight. A humble tribute to soldier and his mother as ‘A tribute -“A shaft of light”’

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A drunken man with a dangling beedi staggers across a busy road. A disabled man in a wheelchair carefully navigates the same busy road. A young kid helps her mother with a young baby cross the road. A dog darts rapidly to the other side. The motor biker from wrong side rapidly cuts into the right side. The car honks and the bus blares. I just watch the fun, while riding the cycle. Crossings in…

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The granite slabs on pavements installed aeons ago were systematically changed to concrete ones. After a few months they crack, only to be replaced in the next year’s budget. Isn’t wonderful how we stimulate growth? Replace good stuff with shoddy ones that require continual maintenance.  Fix what is unbroken, ignore what is broken.  sillycon city it is. #sillyconCity (#140)