Beyond Jangamakote

A nice 100km ride on Sat AM. A brilliant Saturday morning just ideal for a ride. Onto Kolar highway, turned left at Hoskote towards Jangamakote. It is beautiful countryside with fields on both side of the road with Tomatoes, Spinach, Grapes, Cauliflower. Men and women in the field planting new seedlings whilst some are harvesting And property developers messing up the area attempting to create gated communities. Govt schools function on Sat and it is a lovely sight to see young neatly dressed kids waiting for the bus curiously watching the lone cyclist. Some wave and whistle and I respond with gusto. 

A middle aged man on a cycle with his wife on the rear seat pushing hard up the incline, a lovely sight to see – Simplicity at best. A little calf licking a dog, cute! As I near a village, a sleeping dog wakes up, barks and chases me. I stop, talk to it and get back on the cycle . It is not convinced, gets a friend and both of them bark and chase. Stop again and have a conversation. Now they seem convinced, they retreat and I am back on the saddle. It s windy all the way sometimes in the front and some sideways.

Turned at the 50 km mark and look for calf and dog, they are not there. Kids are in school. And the cool wind is pretty strong. A steady pace while enjoying the winds, sights, ups and downs and I am back on the highway.Up and down over a bunch of flyovers with cool but storming wind. As I near Bangalore, the chaotic traffic welcomes me. A late breakfast at home, a nice non-stop century ride done on my Trek 7100 hybrid.

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