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Sights, thoughts and experiences while running

Ma can we go to the park and play?

Crescent moon today too. But the star has moved to the centre of the crescent. I am late for the dog-walk. Moon goes home. As I step out for the run, I see two young teens, in conversation. The boy holding a small teddy bear with a red heart. Enjoying the togetherness after the school exams, I presume.  As I jog and turn, a young frisky puppy (my friend) with his master sees me and…

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A wonderful day for a run today morning at the TCS10K. And  at the designated time, a sea of people chug outside the stadium. And I am one of them. After jostling and keeping in sight the 50-min bus, I get right in front of the bus at the 3km mark. And a tiny pain surfaces in the knee. Not paying much attention to that, I continue and as I turn at the 4 km…

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Smiley moon & the welcoming Sun

A beautiful crescent smiley moon today with a lone bright star just below said “Good morning”. My dog ack’ed with a big woof and off we went on a morning walk. Walk done, stretches and then commenced the run. Do not know why, my right leg was slightly wooden. Steady pace for the first 5 kms (5:22-5:26 pace) in my neighbourhood and then turned east to my morning date with the Sun. And there he…

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Auroville HM 2014

Auroville Marathon tag line is “Run for the joy of running”. And this is what I did today. And naturally achieved my new personal best today – HM in 1:51 @5:15 pace.  A wave start for HM, and I  started with the first wave at 6:15.  The Sun was peeking lazily, countdown started and we were off at the exact time. A sea of runners on the cemented path,  I slowly and steadily moved to…

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Start of my tryst with running

Started running as part of practice for the big ride next week. It is been really long since I ran, 36 yrs to be precise! After getting a feel of running over the last couple of days, did my debut run of 3.6kms in 22 mins today. Loved it. Especially when Julia, the voice of Runtastic iPhone app said 1km done and then 2km … Looking forward to getting to my first milestone – 5km.