Smiley moon & the welcoming Sun

A beautiful crescent smiley moon today with a lone bright star just below said “Good morning”. My dog ack’ed with a big woof and off we went on a morning walk. Walk done, stretches and then commenced the run. Do not know why, my right leg was slightly wooden. Steady pace for the first 5 kms (5:22-5:26 pace) in my neighbourhood and then turned east to my morning date with the Sun. And there he was, waiting for me as I crossed the road. Bright & yellow, fiery yet soft, filling me. He hid as I turned and  ran along the lake. Another fleeting glimpse as I entered the tech park area and 400 metres later, right in front. Bathing me fully in a radiant glow, warming me and softening my stiff leg. A young kid of 3 years playing ball with his mom. Another tiny fellow in school dress running fast pulling the reel tape from a broken cassette. A dog basking in the sun. Two young girls playing badminton on the road. A young couple returning back after a jog. 8 km done. U-turn and sun warms my back. Soothing. Hide and seek with the sun for another one km. And then back to the park for a walk and cool down. 12+kms done, my third 10 in a row. Consistent pace between 5:22-5:32, perhaps due to a slightly stiff leg? My first 5-Tibetians today. Felt nice after doing it. Have a great day!

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