Some hot ones on Deepavali!

He was sitting quietly.

I  touched him gently and he just took off in a tearing hurry.
Well it is the rocket firecracker set on fire !

I caressed him lovingly.
He unzipped sparkling all the way thorough.

He sat on the ledge and did golden showers. They cheered as he emptied.

What did you think of ?
This is just  the ‘flower pot’ firecracker set on fire.

They were a tight knit community.
One hot head touched the guy in front and and they all went berserk.

Well this is not a fight scene, it is just the serial firecracker set on fire!

He winked and flickered mischievously, and when the moment came, he just died.

The frustrating moment when a firecracker flickers for a long time raising hopes of a big explosion only to fizzle out at the end.

They were in a hot embrace, twisting, coiling, the fire in the belly provoking them to unleash themselves.

Everywhere watched them eagerly, through the smoky haze.

Bet I got your attention! This is the ’snake’ firecracker that burns generating a black column and a lot of smoke. This is the description of two of them set on fire together!

The runner in him took over. He took off super fast, blazing all the way, turning sharply at the U-turn and came back blitzing to the finish line, his fastest tempo run.

Well, this is the ‘train’ firecracker that set on a string and lit blazes away and returns back at the same speed. A treat to watch. But I do not see this firecracker any more. Wish I as a runner could do this !

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