Peace anywhere

People meditate, sing, go to temple, run, cycle to find peace. Well you can find peace anywhere. It is not the environment, it is about you. Here are three stories that illustrate this.

Story #1
Near my house, there are lots of construction workers, as the road is being widened. A little baby is sleeping peacefully inside the hammock made out of the saree tied to the tree branch. The gentle wind, warm sunshine caresses the little one. The road work on the adjoining road is in full swing and the mother a construction worker, is busy with her work.

Story #2
The Marathahalli signal on a typical weekday morning is noisy and busy. And here was a young man at peace. Resting on a water pipe on the pavement, he is reading the newspaper. Shafts of sunlight filtering through the trees with the mild winter sun warming him gently, he was enjoying the morning read. Unmindful of the chaotic motorists, who honked and spewed smoke.

Story #3
And a few metres away in the open space next to the storm water drain were two women chatting away. And their young kid was playing with his toy. Mindful and in his own world. I stopped to look at him, and he reciprocated with a lovely smile. The face bright and lively did not the reflect the smelly surroundings.
My observations during a Friday morning cycling commute to work.

peace, bliss

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