Chitradurga 420

Well I did make it to see the windmills this weekend. It did however prove costly.As the dawn of Sunday was making its presence slowly, my headlight the B&M Luxos powered by hub dynamo broke(clamp affixed to frame broke) hanging merely by the wire. The tail lamp became emotional and also gave up.

So at about 110kms from Bangalore, on the dark Sira-Hiriyur stretch at 3:30am, with just a reflective jacket, I had no option, but to walk until the sun made its appearance. Chitradurga was testing me all the way from the last weekend and my resolve to go there only strengthened. 

I  saw the first set of windmills 25kms before the destination, they love me so much that they made sure I  stop and wish them. A thorn poked my rear tyre and I had to stop to fix my puncture!  At 9 am, about 12hrs from the start I was there, a slow 210km that included a brisk night walk. 

The return day ride was uneventful,  but  it was hot day. Wonder why this was more  energy sapping compared to my chennai ride. Guess it was because I forgot to take salt with me. Tumkur-Nelamangala stretch was cooler and trouble started a little after Nelamangala. I normally take the  toll road from Nelamangala and zip from here. Today, no  head/tail light meant I stay on the toll-free  road. This last 35km stretch was terrible with vehicles of all sizes coming opposite you blatantly violating rules. You can curse, swear, but it is  your life at stake. So it turned to be a slow mindful ride without getting mad. Three hours to get home. The lesson I learnt ‘don’t ever come into Bangalore via Tumkur Rd via toll free road on an evening’! 

Back home at 9:30pm after 25hours covering 420 kms. Now I have the big job of getting my headlight fixed. And there is the 600 km brevet next weekend. This Friday I will stick to my wonderful Old Madras Rd to do  a century or two.

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