LEL Training

Fri and Sat evening turned out be a dampener for LEL training.  After the Friday fiasco of four punctures and spending quite a few hours in the rain. Sat evening ride though short, turned out to be another wet ride. 

Sunday morning was fixing the tubes, tyre and the bike! Found the tyre was busted, riddled with small holes all the way.

Sunday was a tiny redeemer as I did a 103km training ride on my single speed touring Bangalore and suburbs. As I was zipping on the ORR, an auto driver from behind caught pointed to his  speedometer  said ‘Sir, 40kmph’. Another auto followed suit after a few kms. It is these small wonderful moments  that makes life wonderful. 

On the very wet Friday evening after deciding to walk the14kms so as not to suffer another puncture and also to enjoy the wet late night walk, the tyre burst again and after walking a Km, it was another kind auto driver who said he will drop me whilst a couple of them refused. When I said this was an aborted ride, he said ‘Salute you sir’ .  These are what makes life beautiful.

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