Mulbagal musings

On a Friday night, a LEL prep ride with Satish turned out to be a nice 184kms. Dipankar rode with us till Volvo, Kolar.  Satish was in high cadence mode leading the way, a zippy ride until Mulbagal (92km) aided by tailwinds. The return ride was fun with gusty headwinds, we rotated positions not wanting to slow down cadence. It was a nice fast ride of 184km in 7h:14m (ride time). Couple of tea breaks, a puncture and sky gazing added two hours.

On the return, in the wee hours of Saturday, the moon and cloud were in a sensuous embrace, a lovely spectacle to watch. After a few minutes, they became conscious of us and hid quickly in the expansive dark sky. As the day broke, the highways were waiting for us in a line all the way from Hoskote greeting us and we slithered into Bangalore before 7AM, well before the brownian motion on the roads commenced!

The beautiful sight in the sky germinated a few words that on Sunday night became a poem titled “Cosmic love”.

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