Paris Je t’aime. Au Revoir. 

Au Revoir Paris.
After a lovely time in Paris, it is the time to bid goodbye. And what better way to sign off other than a cycle and run. A nice 28km cycling tour of the famous Paris landmarks yesterday – Grand Palace, Louvre museum, Sacred Heart church, Notre Dame and then a 5km run today, the day of departure visiting Roland Garros. This has been a lovely trip where I realised a long cherished goal, discovered that I could ride fast enough, rode the climbs/rolling-terrain to my hearts content, overtook quite a few westerners, rode with a peloton, enjoyed a deliberate slow ride in beautiful countryside rediscovering the joy of randoneering, cheered by the wonderful French people at all times, being served coffee/cake by families along the route, zipping down the mountain forest roads, delightful riding on the wonderfully smooth French tarmac, the amazing sight of bobbing red lights on the road during the night, seeing the very different human powered vehicles, touring the city on cycle and enjoyed the delightful company of my fellow cyclists from Chennai and Bangalore. Paris Je t’aime. Au Revoir.

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