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PBP Experience #1

Time distorts, stops, curves, becoming a sharp point. Eyes half closed, sharpening focus, just you and the few feet of road, hands light and feathering the handlebar. Legs supple and pumping away, generating awesome power as you blitz past the huge peloton up the long never ending beautiful climb. Sheer bliss as you quietly zip past others effortlessly. Hands caressing the handlebar as if massaging the smooth beautiful skin of the opposite sex, priceless moments…

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Peace anywhere

People meditate, sing, go to temple, run, cycle to find peace. Well you can find peace anywhere. It is not the environment, it is about you. Here are three stories that illustrate this. Story #1 Near my house, there are lots of construction workers, as the road is being widened. A little baby is sleeping peacefully inside the hammock made out of the saree tied to the tree branch. The gentle wind, warm sunshine caresses…

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