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Hyper loop

In the sprawling city, that is now crawlingI sit in my car very fidgety that is now trawlingFor the road is a cesspool with many a foolWho are at their worst after the cloudburst And then happens the magic, luckily not tragicSwept into man hole into a bunch of poopNamma sillycon city’s version of hyper loopI exit after a kilometre into a wide gutterJust a little sputter and off I flutterSmelly and mucky, but very…

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Solpa smile maadi

Amidst horrible honking, and continual tauntingDutifully he stands, controlling traffic with handsAn arduous task, the full face covered by maskBraving dust and grime, and doing extended time He is the traffic police, a harbinger of road peace“Nodi Saar, I am fighting a daily warSolpa smile would go a long mile” Life amidst traffic in #sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#101)


He lived in a rented house near his work place. He was happy. After many years of hard work, he built his dream house close by. He was very happy. Very soon he got a dream offer from another company. He switched. Then all he did was to dream in the bus to work and back. It was a long commute. Then he moved to a rented place closer to the new company. He still…

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Long names

Be careful when you ask info about some of our Namma Metro (Bangalore) stations while traveling. By the time you say the station name, the next station will arrive. Some of the super long Namma metro stations are:Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Station, MajesticSri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Stn., HosahalliDr. B. R. Ambedkar Stn., Vidhana SoudhaSir M Visveswaraya Station, Central College The amazing sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#65)