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Bus commute

Commutes in Volvo buses of Bangalore are fun. The mellowed but ‘hear-able’ koochi-koo conversation of young ladies, the terse family talk of the middle aged man, the conversation of out-of-state folks so loud they can be heard directly and the always-on tech support of young IT folks who revel in staying busy. Real life ‘mobile’ learning !  Just another bunch of loveable idiots in the sillycon city. #sillyconCity (#20)

blissful chaos

The evening rain converted the Bangalore roads into a mushy trail. After a long day, I decided to lie down quietly in the rear seat of the van.  It turned to be a brilliant treat to all my senses, the constant jangle due to potholes hidden by rain massaging me, the glorious honking energising my ears, streaks of bright light from powerful hi-beam stimulating my eyes, the strong burst of wafting smells from an overflowing…

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Vibrant morning

A street seller is busy setting up cloth store on the pavement An old man sleeps peacefully on the bench under Gulmohar tree Young blood rev their bike to race when light turns green Sleeping dog opens eyes lazily when honks blare and fumes spew Young lovers hugging on the park bench unmindful of traffic School kids wait for school bus shoulder bent with heavy backpack Typical sights on the Indian road as I cycle…

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Morning commute in Bangalore

Morning commute in Bangalorestarted a bit late for an early morning meetinga commute by bike that would prove to be daunting overnight rainnot a big pain puddles all over the road around which I skilfully rode the unending trafficalways horrific through the gaps, bikes nudgehappy on the cycle, hold no grudge a lone car parked on the busy main roadunmindful of the way traffic is slowed on the pavement is a young woman in high…

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Three-legged dog and dripping liquid waste

My observations as I cycled to work today morning. 1. Three-legged dog: Past the HAL Station the traffic had stopped at the signal and I stopped too. On the uneven pavement were two dogs running merrily. A healthy street dog in front running on all fours whilst the other on three legs with fourth fourth leg disabled (lifted and bent). The disability did not seem to be a bother at all, it was running gracefully…

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Pedestrians, chickens and a blind man

We seem to love fate!. Here are FOUR stories that illustrate this! #1: “ Was I tempting fate?” Near my house, the main road has been shutdown thanks to BBMP’s multi-year plan to widen the main road. Hence the service road breaks the brunt of traffic. And when a jam occurs, the motorcyclists take to the granite-slab pavement. Poor pedestrians. As a cyclist I either push/follow-the-pedestration on the pavement. Today a motorbiker was hell bent…

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The lady and the goat

#1: “The lady in the car” The commute to office last Friday was interesting. As a cyclist, I enjoy watching reactions of people at stop lights. As the light turned green, the lady in car revved up and moved into the centre of the road whilst on the other side continued crossings showing his outstretched palm to the car indicating stop. He was enjoying his slow jaunt across the chaos. And the lady kinda stood…

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