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Queen Anchetty

The ride to Anchetty is special, a 200km ride conceived by erstwhile IISc Randonneurs and nurtured by Bangalore Randonneurs, a signature brevet with a unique local medal. Every time I ride this, it is special and poetry happens.
The fifth on Anchetty titled “Queen of Anchetty” is inspired by curves and climbs of terrain as damsels and strong men who welcome you to their valley, a peaceful abode where the beautiful queen lives.

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Fixie love

My dear friend @Anil Kadsur who has a penchant for doing amazing stuff rode 100kms every day for 365 days ! Yes when the city was scared of Corona and kept indoors, this gentleman rode everyday in the wee hours of day 3:00-7:00am, a century every day. Translating to 36500+ kms approximately, a circle around the earth along the Tropic of Cancer, on a fixie bike, brakeless!

Much loved in the cycling community, he is limitless and rides brakeless. Here is poem dedicated to my dear friend @Anil, a celebration of 365×100 accomplishment, titled “Fixie love”.

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A poetic fall

It looked like a full and rounded rumpJust a signature sillyconCity hump Excited, he mounted it merrilyWith soft hands on handlebar mistakenly  Revolted, she threw him into spaceHe just flew and landed flat on his face  Kissed the road and painting it valentine redWith a bruised ego, he slinked into hospital bed namma sillyconCity is exciting, enjoy the voluptuous curves just be gentle and grip your hands hard! (From a recent personal experience)  #sillyconCity (#163)


A drunken man with a dangling beedi staggers across a busy road. A disabled man in a wheelchair carefully navigates the same busy road. A young kid helps her mother with a young baby cross the road. A dog darts rapidly to the other side. The motor biker from wrong side rapidly cuts into the right side. The car honks and the bus blares. I just watch the fun, while riding the cycle. Crossings in…

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