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A poetic fall

It looked like a full and rounded rumpJust a signature sillyconCity hump Excited, he mounted it merrilyWith soft hands on handlebar mistakenly  Revolted, she threw him into spaceHe just flew and landed flat on his face  Kissed the road and painting it valentine redWith a bruised ego, he slinked into hospital bed namma sillyconCity is exciting, enjoy the voluptuous curves just be gentle and grip your hands hard! (From a recent personal experience)  #sillyconCity (#163)


A drunken man with a dangling beedi staggers across a busy road. A disabled man in a wheelchair carefully navigates the same busy road. A young kid helps her mother with a young baby cross the road. A dog darts rapidly to the other side. The motor biker from wrong side rapidly cuts into the right side. The car honks and the bus blares. I just watch the fun, while riding the cycle. Crossings in…

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Revving up

Snorting does not get you out of a traffic jam. On a return commute to home, at a busy and jammed junction, a Thar Jeep guy who has done up his vehicle for rough riding revved his engine multiple times in the faint hope of getting through. Well , snorting did get him ahead. I wiggle though and get much ahead of him. Later he is at my tail again, snorting, I smile and wiggle…

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Serenity prayer for the road

What would I like to do when I see a helmet-less head-bent mobile talking rider(s) and the one who comes straight at you on the wrong side of the road?  “Serenity prayer” for the road———————————————God, grant me profanity so rich that he may ruethe courage to spank his bottom black and blueand the wisdom to accomplish both without a clueJust a lot of bloody idiots in the sillycon city. The original “Serenity prayer”God grant us…

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Weekend rides

He saw his flabby paunch in the mirror.  Then he saw the lean and curvy cycle in the store. The bike lured him. He got her home and decked her up(with accessories). They went together for a few weekends on rides for IVC (Idly-Vada-Coffee) in the hallis(villages). Then he saw the handsome hulk. Now he goes far away for the same IVC on the highway. They have bonded well, for they both look the same. …

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