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Stop anywhere

The gentleman in the cement truck slowed and stopped in the middle of road, took out his mobile phone and called the customer for directions. Another gentleman sped away on his bike at the red stop light only to stop and pay his obeisance to the statue of God on the roadside.   They were very mindful of the traffic jam they caused, well they just observed without any reaction. Amazing people on the roads…

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Revving up

Snorting does not get you out of a traffic jam. On a return commute to home, at a busy and jammed junction, a Thar Jeep guy who has done up his vehicle for rough riding revved his engine multiple times in the faint hope of getting through. Well , snorting did get him ahead. I wiggle though and get much ahead of him. Later he is at my tail again, snorting, I smile and wiggle…

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The road usage in namma sillycon city have moved on with the changing times. People walk on the roads and motorists ride on the foot path. Most of the times, everyone is everywhere. After all, in this age where we crave for equality, why distinguish a road from a foot path. Just a lot of idiots in #sillyconCity. #sillyconCity (#94)

I am cabdriver

Have you been stood up by a cab driver at a critical juncture? Have you experienced the taxi swerve when the cabbie closes his eyes momentarily? Have you seen bottles strewn in the neighbourhood overnight? Have you been quietly studied in the front mirror? Here is my creative take on the life of the new age Indian cab driver as “I am cabdriver”.   Note : I am suffering from creative schizophrenia and here is…

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