A sillycon analysis

“The effects of lock-down on driving in namma city” – A #sillycon analysis

(1) Hmmm, I forgot which side of road to drive on 
(2) Oh, should I put the indicator while turning? 
(3) Jeez you are standing here,  nodey-illa saar,  the road kaali ithu alva. (Jeez you are standing here,  did not see you at all, the road was empty, no?)
(4) Ayyo, other people use this road also,thought it was just for me 
(5) Yenu, I have to wear helmet and a mask also, vaah?
(6) Oh, the mask is supposed to cover my mouth and nose- aa?

Credits to Arvind Bhateja whose picture post of an accident, triggered the idea , of a car humping a truck across the divider (sorry jumping over the divider!). Then Arvind added 4,5,6 to the report! Thank you Arvind.


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