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A digital painting by Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath stirred the wordsmith in me. A brilliant rendition it is, of the darkness of fiery Corona red, the lonely quarantine nursed with love from afar and the golden sliver peeking, a sign of hope.
Here it is in verse form as “Lonely?”.
Thank you Aishwarya.

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Bless us all

Isn’t it amazing that the earth just goes about the job quietly of revolving around the sun a whopping distance of 940 million kms every year? A joy it is to pause and ponder, the amazing cosmic wonder and celebrate as it commences another revolution around the sun. A creative on the occasion of ‘Happy new year’ as “Bless us all”.

Deep dish

Last Saturday I did the Roller Coaster 200km brevet. This is where my tryst with brevet started in the year 2011. Titled “Huliyadurga 200” then, the route was kinda similar to this where we circled in the opposite direction. And this is where I met Somaskanda S  first. Thank you Mohan Subramanyam for this lovely route and rekindling the lovely memories. This route took me past Byalu where the giant dish antennas peer into deep…

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Amazing grace

The hot He in a hurry, as he rises up in the morning The cool She very cheery, as she graces the eveningIt is these things up above, that fill my day with loveThese daily celestial sights, a wonderful play of light Wrap me in warm embrace, fill me with amazing grace At peace with life, as I tackle today’s daily strife

Golden ball

“Isn’t it lovely to watch the ball of fire rise up and engulf you gently?Isn’t it lovely to be blessed with life by the morning sun?Lovely isn’t it, to enjoy the simple sightsAnd stay above the trivial fights” The joy and cheer that the sunrise fills me with, as I start my morning walk with my lovely dog Caesar expressed in this creative “Golden ball”.Stay blessed, have a great day, my friend. 

A season of retreat

The bare trees shorn of all its leaves stood gracefully, awash in the golden radiance of morning sunlight. The carpet of leaves squeaked happily as I stepped over it with my dog during my morning walk. The delightful sight and melodious sound stopped me, and I paused to receive infinite grace, as light entered my soul.  The simple joys of morning walk with my lovely dog at the end of autumn expressed as a creative…

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Polar vortex

What would you do when the polar vortex brings Artic to your house? Write poems! I know my good friends and relatives in North America will beat me up for this.  When my good friend Simon now back in London from a long Indian holiday, sent me a pic in winter clothing, my muse perked up resulting in “Polar vortex”.