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Discovering the neighbourhood dawn

Today it was about discovering the neighbourhood at dawn. 3:30AM – The night owl cloud has just finished its exercise. Dawn is nice and cool with a hint of dew-like drizzle. The neighbourhood is sleeping, but the birds are up, co-coing to glory. The yellow light from the lamp posts cast lazy puddles on the quiet empty street. Peace reigns. As I enter the main road, there is activity. A couple of Tempo Travellers are…

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Night walk

The ‘walking thing’ is getting into me. While walking the dog-walk after dinner, the clouds were signalling to each other using ‘lightening’ morse, as to how to rain today. They decided to take it cool and slow, a continuous pitter patter all through. Having made the decision to do a long walk anyway and enjoy the continuous drizzle, a wind cheater and a cap was all that I needed. 10PM – Quiet dark side streets,…

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