Night walk

The ‘walking thing’ is getting into me. While walking the dog-walk after dinner, the clouds were signalling to each other using ‘lightening’ morse, as to how to rain today. They decided to take it cool and slow, a continuous pitter patter all through. Having made the decision to do a long walk anyway and enjoy the continuous drizzle, a wind cheater and a cap was all that I needed. 10PM – Quiet dark side streets, the constant patter of rain on your wind cheater is like somebody constantly chattering with you. 

It was a lovely to do a mindful walk all the way. Allow me to share it without artificially polishing it.. Dark lamp post standing tall, lamps dark, eyes beautifully tuned to the darkness navigating pavements with missing slabs, legs nimbly jumping across mini puddles, the barren school ground silent after an active day, the small eateries washing up, a lone tea wallah on bicycle, security guard huddled up on the stairs, the brightly lit up ATM on CMH road, young couple enjoying their togetherness, upset dogs barking away at midnight, a group of north-east young men/women going back home after work, the quiet emptiness of the walkway on MG Road, the lone whistle of the guards in the military ground, stragglers coming out Lakeview after enjoying the ice cream, the lone server standing with an open umbrella soliciting/serving the roads customers, the three helmet-less I-do-not-care riders on a motorcycle shouting way to glory, empty auto driver soliciting me for a ride back home, autos all lined up below the metro station to escape the rain, breakfast arriving in a cold chain truck to McDonalds. Bangalore an unruly, chaotic, noisy, busy adult has transformed into a blissful sleeping baby at night. 1AM. 15.15 km.


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