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Footpath parking

During my morning walk, I noticed a guy park his SUV on the street with tyres over the footpath over fragile slabs of the drain. When I told that he is endangering walkers to walk on the road and also by breaking the slabs, he said “Gothu saar, but en maduvathu? Road-nalli park madethera car hallagethu alva?” (means “I know Sir, but what to do? If I park on the road my car will get…

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Yesterday I saw a ‘Bounce’ rental-scooter discarded unmercifully on an un-tarred small side road. I pulled it up,  put in on stand and discovered that its silencer was broken. Have seen  ‘Yulu’ cycle discarded in ditches, near garbage dump, sometimes with no seat.  Dear people of  sillycon city, treat this as ‘namma’ items, with love and respect. #sillyconCity (#131)