During my morning walk, I noticed a guy park his SUV on the street with tyres over the footpath over fragile slabs of the drain. When I told that he is endangering walkers to walk on the road and also by breaking the slabs, he said “Gothu saar, but en maduvathu? Road-nalli park madethera car hallagethu alva?” (means “I know Sir, but what to do? If I park on the road my car will get spoilt no?”).  To which I told him, if you don’t have parking lot in your apartment, then  park some where else or don’t buy the big car. Smiling sheepishly he continued to park.

Amazing people in sillyconCity, no? Screw the people who walk, keep your car safe. I am very motivated to act like a small kid, walk with a stone in one hand and quietly touch it on such cars while walking 🙂 

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